Titties Happened

This is the official Sara and Aimee Do Glee! Tumblr.

Inspired by the infamous pink bra of the one and only, Brittany S. Pierce (Episode 2.14, "Blame It on the Alcohol").

We will be posting mostly Glee stuff, but maybe some other cool shit. Most likely having to do with Beyoncé (because as you know, Sara belongs to the Church of Beyoncéism), but you'll just have to wait and find out!

Disclaimer: We will not, under any circumstances, post anything about how Finn is a) sexy, b) a good guy or c) essential to the show at all. Same for Sam. We will, however, post awesome shit about how they both suck.

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Anonymous asked: I fucking love you guys. That is all.

Oh, we FUCKING love YOU… and that’s just the beginning. 

Quinn’s like, “Hm, so this is what it’s like to sit on this couch with clothes on… I just don’t like it.”.

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Anonymous asked: Hi I listen to your podcast. Me and my dormmate Kendrick love you righteous chicks. I would've thanked you guys earlier but the campus internet doesn't like your tumblr for some odd reason. Anyways, thanx me and Ken have a special surprise for you guys coming soon.


Anonymous asked: have you guys received any interesting mail/packages yet?

I was going to check it this week!  We have recieved a few written letters which is TOTALLY AWESOME!

Anyone else’s asshole sore after tonight? #glee #faberry


Thinking about setting up a Sara and Aimee panel/meet and greet in the parking lot of Faberrycon on a playskool table. We’re just not sure on what exactly is going to be at Faberrycon or if a lot of our listeners will be there.  Will there be panels?  Will there be booths set up with… faberry stuff?