Titties Happened

This is the official Sara and Aimee Do Glee! Tumblr.

Inspired by the infamous pink bra of the one and only, Brittany S. Pierce (Episode 2.14, "Blame It on the Alcohol").

We will be posting mostly Glee stuff, but maybe some other cool shit. Most likely having to do with Beyoncé (because as you know, Sara belongs to the Church of Beyoncéism), but you'll just have to wait and find out!

Disclaimer: We will not, under any circumstances, post anything about how Finn is a) sexy, b) a good guy or c) essential to the show at all. Same for Sam. We will, however, post awesome shit about how they both suck.

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Anonymous asked: I'm listening to this totally random podcast interviewing Ian. Since it seems like you guys keep in contact with him, have you thought of interviewing him, and asking all the questions we really want answers to?

We have thought about it, and we are friends with him, but we like to have the same perspective on the show as our listeners. Also, there’s really only so much he can say about the show and we like keeping our friendship with him personal and off the air… Although, never say never, maybe one day it will happen!

Anonymous asked: Have you guys seen the simgm spoof?

YES! Everyone should see it.

Do we have any listeners in Spain?

Anonymous asked: do you guys know any other glee podcasts? I mean, i know they won't be as awesome as you, but i've heard all of yours and i was wondering if you could give any recomendations....

Oh you. We’ve never listened to any other Glee podcasts before (we’ve actually never listened to our own podcast before) mainly because we want to make sure when you’re listening to us you’re getting exactly what WE think and it would be really easy for us to accidentally insert thoughts from other podcasters into our own podcast. With that being said, we are friends with a few other Glee podcast hosts so you could check out “Gleeful” and “Shut The Front Door”. Both of these are hosted by awesome people.